My 8-Bit Computer

In Winter 2020/2021, I built an 8-Bit Computer from Scratch using the Ben Eater architecture. Check it out:


GWT with Database Access [PDF]

This tutorial explains how to use a MySQL database in a GWT application that is developed in the Eclipse Programming Environment. Download the PDF and feel free to share.

Deploying GWT Web Applications [PDF]

Tutorial PDF Download

This tutorial explains how to deploy GWT applications that use a MySQL database. Download the PDF and feel free to share.

E-Prime with XDAT Value transmission for ASL Eye Trackers

Tutorial Experiment

E-Prime-Experiment-Design-with-XDAT-valuesThis tutorial assumes that you have essential knowledge about both Eye Tracking (especially with devices by ASL) and programming experiments with E-Prime. Resources to both can be found on the respective manufacturer’s homepages.

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the principle way of designing an experiment in E-Prime so that XDAT values are submitted to the Eye Tracker so that the Eye Data file (eyd) is automatically separated into segments, which corresponds to trials in the E-Prime data file (edat).

In addition, this method of using XDAT with E-Prime also allows to send start and stop flags for each segment/trial so that creating fixation plots from an .eyd file is automatic.

The best way to learn how to do this is to do this. Therefore, the tutorial is in the form of an E-Prime experiment, which you may download below. For a quick reference, a Flow Chart is available that shows the structure of such an experiment visually. Feel free to share and distribute both items with students, colleagues, and friends – both are free for personal, educational, and academic use (and are hence an exception from this copyright information, assuming the credits remain intact at all times. You may not gather any profit as in finical gain by using my work.